53+Fake Love Quotes ( Quotes Dart )

   Fake Love Quotes To Change Your Life 

  What about these quotes might make you change your mind about this? These fake love quotes will open your eyes to what is possible and connect with something profound inside of yours.

   Have you ever felt deep, soulful love for someone that you never got over? Do you think that "love" deserves the mystical, magical feelings the world would have us believe it's capable of?

  This fake love quotes are some really beautiful, touching, and even thought-provoking lines in here. Enjoy.

 1 . Fake Love Quotes for boys and girls 

 1 . You might be in love, but you're not sure if you love him or not.  Then you might be into him but he seems shallow to you, a fake love indeed.

2 .  The heart wants what the heart wants. But the truth is, it's not always easy to love someone.- Sonya Parker

3 .  We each want to feel special and cared for – even if it’s fake at all.- Carlos Wallace

fake love quotes

 4 .  A healthy and well-balanced love doesn’t exist. Fake Loves do. - Michael Bassey Johnson

5 .  It’s funny how it’s so easy to keep a relationships alive with fake love. - Suzy Kassem

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6 .  Love is when you feel something so strongly for another person that even when they hurt you, you still don't mind.

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 7 .  Happiness is a condition of the heart. You either have it or you don't. And if you haven't got it, no amount of money or possessions or even love itself can make you happy. ~Les Brown

 8 .  Everyone needs love, but sometimes we can't find it. That's why a lot of people turn to fake love, because that’s just the way it is. - Akash B Chandran

9 .   Love is amazing and it can change your life in a snap. But, love is also complicated because you’ll never know what’s real and not. - Jarod Kintz 

10 .  Fake love are so uplifting; they'll have you coming back for more.

2 .  What is Fake Love?

Fake love is a feeling of love that is not genuine. It is demonstrated in a variety of ways, such as by excessive compliments, flattery, or giving gifts. It is not genuine love and is a type of emotional exploitation.

     This is the most dangerous type of love because it can lead to the victim feeling obligated to reciprocate the love, even when it is not genuine. Sometimes, Fake Love can be confused for love. 

     It is important to understand the difference. If a person is in a relationship and feels that their partner is giving them Fake Love, then they should be able to recognize it and break away from it.

  Love is a great feeling that improves two individuals' life; good Love is the most incredible feeling in the world. Not everyone deserves true Love. Love is the happiest feeling for the boys and girls, or we can say male or female,

 But  if one of them does not love the other….! What if the most fantastic feeling in the world forever becomes the worst one for lovers! It seems so easy to us but Not as easy to the people who suffer from them.

 So fake Love is the Love where one person is not in genuinely love with the other, but they keep the relationship for just his time pass or their fun. The Fake Love is the most dangerous thing in the world.  Love for just time pass can be harmful to today's youth so that it can endanger someone's life or end someone's life. 

fake love quotes

3 . Sarcastic fake people quotes ( true love )

11 .  People who fake love aren't lovers... they're cheaters.

12 .  Fake love is a term that is used to describe the idea that people feel they are in love with somebody they are not actually in love with. - Steve Maraboli

 13 .  The Fake love is a way to remind people of the strength and love that they have for one another – even if it can have some opposite effects. - Ahmed Mostafa

fake love quotes

14 .  Sometimes we need a good dose of cynicism to keep us on our toes.

 15. Fake love truly capture the attention of victims, with a triggered reaction of laughter and having you feeling happier. - Dominic Carey

16 .  People are questioning the authenticity of a person, like they never faked anything other than love. - Friedrich Nietzsche

17 . No relationship drama? Fake love is the perfect thing for that because it's a safe place for people to find love without getting burned. - George Femtom

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love failure quotes

18 .  The real purpose of fake love is to provide people with a place to go and escape the current world of unhappiness. - Himanshu Chhabra

19 .  Fake love is when a partner pretends to be in love to get the partner in a vulnerable state. - hungry stomach

20 . The  Fake love quotes will keep you smiling, even when your heart is breaking.

In your life facing fake promises:-

   In a love relationship, every person is happy with their partner. Everyone tries their best to improve their relationship, so they make promises. But in the world of fake people, many make fake promises to keep their love relationship better or make their partner happy. 

  But after some time, they fool their partner, and such a fake promise makes the true partner so sad, and it feels miserable, and the person who loves truly gets into depression. 

  So… making promises is ok, but fake promises lead to a dangerous end to Love, and it's come into existence as a fake love promise. Keep away from such phony love promises. Be happy with what you have and be true to yourself.

4 .Fake smile quotes for you(sad life)

21 .  The sad truth is if you want a way to make your life more interesting, fake love from someone is the only answer. - Jason Ritter

22 .  Happiness is a matter of attitude. Whether we feel cheerful or gloomy has nothing to do with circumstances. ~Elbert Hubbard

23 .  Love is the only thing in this world that can bring a tear and a smile at the same time.

love failure quotes

24 .  If you think I'm not good enough for you, then perhaps I was not meant to love you.

25 .  Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city whom you see once every few years. ~Charles M Schulz

When You Meet Wrong Persons....

Many people come into relationships with people they don't know fully. And this group of boys and girls are attracted to some beautiful people. 

But it can be wrong to keep in the relationship of Love as they can fool you at any time and at this stage of teenagers we meet many evil persons and change them as per conditions.        Wrong people come into our life, and we are there for them with false expectations. These wrong expectations from bad people can generate a fake love among the partners, and it results in the breakup so… 

The wrong peoples always teach us to write lessons and the great feeling in the world becomes the worst and today's generation called it as fake Love….. So be defensive and careful with your personal and check it as it is not the wrong person for your life.

26 .  I can't stop thinking about you even if I tried. You are the first and last thing I think about every day. - Jess C. Scott

27 .  True love could never grow in the shade of suspicion or doubt, but in the fertile ground of mutual trust and respect, it will flourish and blossom like a flower reaching for the sun.

fake love quotes

28 .  No matter how many times the heartbreaks, the love never dies. - Johann Livens

29 .  The only thing that doesn't last forever is love, so take care of it when you find it because once lost, it's lost forever.- lunatic bastard

what is different between Fake friends and Real Friend

Fake friends

 A friend is the best thing or relation in life, but for lovers, the friend is like the enemy. Everyone has a friend in their life. As he is very close to his friend, he tells his many secrets to his friends.

   A friend can be dangerous to love relations because nowadays every boy has a close female friend and every female has a male best friend. And this best friend results in the worst quarrel between the persons in a relationship.

 So this friend can take advantage of you in this conflict, which can lead to a breakup.  Fake friend in your life is the worst thing. You have to face many difficulties. Fake friends are not real; 

 This do not help you in your love life, and in any worst condition, they are ready to teach you a good lesson for life. So… be aware of these fake friends in your life, learn to understand everyone in their perspective, 

 And find a phony friend to keep a long distance from them. A fake friend can't help you to improve or make life beautiful, and don't be upset in life. Keep focusing and enhancing your life. below quotes is blessing quotes

Real Friend:-

   Friends are the reasons that we are happy in our life. A real friend never leaves you alone. The friend helps you to improve your life to save your life.

  A good friend is always ready to help in your worst condition. Friends always enables you to enhance your love relationship, keeps you away from fake lovers who fool you, and keeps you away from the toxic people and the wrong people

 That always make your life very bad. A natural male friend keeps fighting with you when you are alone and makes you feel proud when you're with great people. 

 A real friend is always hard to find. But if you find you will be thankful to god. So… make real friends. It is not necessary to make thousands of friends, which can be fake.

 It is worthful if you have only one honest friend. Feel lucky if you have such friends and keep enjoying your life with them.

30 . When we are in love, we are blind to everything else around us except our beloved person, but unfortunately, this state can not last a lifetime . . . .

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5. why people fail in love

 Love is a feeling that can be felt by everyone, but it cannot be explained or defined. Love is an emotion and not a choice. It’s not something you do; it’s something you feel.

 You may fall in love with someone who doesn’t return your feelings, but if you don’t try to understand what you are feeling then you will never know how much you truly care about the person.

  If you think you have fallen out of love, just remember that you were never really in love to begin with. 

6. Fake smile quotes

31 . Love is the magic key to accessing all of your dreams and wishes... - Muhammad Saqib

32 .  The best way to get over someone is to realize that they aren't worth getting over. ~this all is Attractive Quotes

33 .  There are two ways to live: you can live as though nothing is a miracle; you can live as though everything is a miracle. (Albert Einstein)

34 .  I love my husband because he makes me laugh. He's funny and smart and kind. But mostly, he makes me laugh. That's all any woman wants from her man. ~Marilyn Monroe

fake love quotes

35 .  I'm going to tell you some things I've learned on this journey called life. One thing I've learned is that when you're born you cry, and when you die you smile. So for the rest of your life you should try to smile more often than you cry. ~Muhammad Saqib

36 .  You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. ~Christopher Columbus

37 .  If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. -Patronick Marshall

fake love quotes

38 . Happiness is the meaning and the purpose and the sum total of all human existence. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

39 .  When you find yourself in a hole - stop digging! ~Chinese Proverb

40 .  A good marriage is like a good piece of furniture-it gets better and better with age. ~this for real lover

7. Fake relationship quotes

41 .  A good wife is heaven's second blessing.-George Herbert

42 .  Happiness is a choice. Choose happiness every day. ~Shami Paulin

43 .  Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. ~Dwight D Eisenhower

44 .  Don't worry about failure, you'll only succeed if you don't give up. ~Mark Twain

45 .  Never let anyone ever tell you that you don't have enough time. The hours fly by faster than you think. ~Terry Mark

fake love quotes

46 .  The secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in other people. ~Oscar Wilde

47 .  We must learn to re-enter the world through the eyes of our children. ~Mother Teresa

48 .  Happiness is a warm puppy. ~this for loyal lovers

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49 . If you believe you can or believe you can't, you're right. ~Henry Ford

50 .  It takes one to know one. ~Author Unknown

51 .  Happy is the man who does what he likes, loves what he knows, and leaves the rest to chance. ~James Russell Lowell

what is the Real Love Or Fake Love Quotes
  If you love someone and don't know what natural or fake love is. You have to look at our real love or fake love quotes. These quotes will give you a nice idea and overview of your relationship.
  Everything happens in your life for a reason. You will notice your surroundings and the actions of the people around you. What are the signs of true love? What are the symptoms of fake love? You must first know what true love is and what fake love is.
  Real love or fake love quotes will reveal the true faces of your loved ones. Be careful while talking with them. We request you read our posts about real love and fake love quotes and be observable about what is happening with you.
  Is your partner hiding some things from you? Many of these questions can be answered from real love or fake love quotes by just sharing with your soulmates. Be always true by your side. Avoiding quarrels will give you the best reasons.

  Our upcoming updates will be for you and make your relationships more enjoyable. Stay tuned. Make your relationship best and always be happy.

52 .  Happiness is a feeling of well being, peace of mind, contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, pride, self respect

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